Process Optimization in Production Through Data Science.



The challenge

TAMSA, a leading company in the steel tube industry, faced the challenge of predicting machinery failures and analyzing information much more precisely in order to reduce costs, times, and increase the efficiency of the water purification plant’s production processes.

The solution

Giga IT developed a comprehensive tailor-made solution. The solution was based on the creation of two systems of intelligent algorithms and methodologies oriented towards Data Science:

  1. Failure Prediction System: which allows for accurately anticipating when critical components such as sensors, filters, and other elements of the production process would fail.
  2. Information Analysis System: which processes and analyzes data in real-time to identify patterns and optimize the production process.

The results

  • Minimization of machinery downtime.

  • Reduction of maintenance costs and unplanned repairs.

  • Optimization of spare parts inventory management.

  • Prediction of mineral quantity in water allowing adjustment of the process accordingly.

  • Maximization of resource utilization efficiency.

  • Anticipation and prevention of potential quality issues.


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