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What our GIGAntes say about us


"Working for GIGA IT, I’ve had many opportunities to learn and grow. It’s a company that is constantly evolving, which has helped to improve my experience through new challenges and learning opportunities. "

Shirley Anaya /// Colombia

Administration Analyst and Human Capital

"Since I started working in GIGA IT, I’ve had the team’s support. This allowed me to develop new skills and gave me the freedom to suggest solutions... "

Lourdes Ramos /// Mexico

Administration Analyst and Human Capital

"At GIGA IT, we work as a team, implementing good practices and giving priority to continuous improvement in order to achieve excellent results. "

Martín Luchessi /// Argentina

Delivery Director • USA

"Personally, I want to point out the opportunity for professional growth that GIGA IT has given me. My time here has been both productive and rewarding for my career. "

Eduardo Gonzalez Alcázar /// Mexico

Chief Operating Officer

"GIGA IT has given me job security, options for professional growth, and the chance to start a new life with my family in the state of Veracruz... Since my first day, the work team has treated me well all the time."

Carlos Enrique Mezquita López /// Mexico

Automation Analyst

"GIGA IT listens, acknowledges, and promotes. It’s an ideal breeding ground for growing your creativity and doing your bit to the evolutionary development of software, built with technologies and tools that are constantly being updated. "

Hugo Olivares Gandy /// Mexico

Software Developer • Nearshore Services


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