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Having the right team is essential for any successful project. As a team enters new phases of maturity, adding new members who are perfect for the job might be necessary. Giga IT’s staff augmentation services provide the IT expertise you need with the speed and flexibility your team needs to scale up quickly and finish the project on time.

When you augment your staff with our developers, they join your team, attend your meetings, work side-by-side with your in-house staff, and report to your managers. By bringing their industry-leading skills to your team, they give your company a competitive advantage.

Our IT staff augmentation services are available for all types of projects, whether simple or complex, from requirements gathering and UX/UI design to building native iOS and Android apps from the ground up. If you have an existing app that you want to improve, we can help you with the revamp so that you get the user engagement you want.

Benefits of Giga IT’s staff augmentation services

When you hire us for staff augmentation services, you will get:

  • Improved productivity

    By increasing the size of your team, you will be able to deliver the quality software solutions you need in a shorter amount of time.

  • Reduce strain on your HR team

    For a fixed-term project, there is no need to take on a full-time staff member. Conventional recruitment is not feasible for limited periods. Recruitment takes time, and it can also eat into your staffing budget. If a recruit doesn’t work out, you are back where you started. When you hire us for staff augmentation, you can find the right people you need quickly.

  • Expertise

    Our developers don’t work in isolation. You will have the backing of our entire cross-functional team. Whether you need expert input about QA automation or a deep dive into why your app isn’t getting the engagement you expected, we’re here to get you on the right track.

Why choose Giga IT for
your staff augmentation

Whereas most staff augmentation services place the management responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the client, we believe in sharing that responsibility. We work closely with your developers, and our managers oversee the whole account to provide constant support for everyone involved

Giga IT has an expansive team of IT professionals distributed across the Americas. We can work in different countries and time zones, making us available for your team wherever you may be.

Solve any problems

We are highly flexible and responsive, able to adapt the team to different methodologies and technologies on any project.

No team or project is too big or too small. We are happy to accept any opportunity to work with a client to develop a valuable idea and carry it to completion.

We constantly strive to improve team communication, deepen our understanding of your needs, and help with solid planning and strategies.

Why choose Giga IT for
your staff augmentation

We take a nearshore approach to staff augmentation instead of the offshore approach taken by other service providers.

We don’t only seek to provide quality IT services for our clients; we believe in having a strong cultural fit with each of our partners.

We are not concerned with fixed-term contracts. We aim to create win-win partnerships and flexible, long-term relationships with our clients

A cost-effective way to expand your business’s IT Capacity

We provide a cost-effective way for you to expand your business’s IT capacity. Our IT expertise is the kind you would typically only find after sifting through piles of applications and resumes and spending many hours on interviews. Our project managers and consultants have worked with enterprises of every size and type, successfully helping them build up a highly qualified, creative, and experienced team to complete their projects.

For more information on GigaIT’s staff augmentation services and any of our other service offerings, give us a call or fill in the contact form.

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What our clients say about us

"They’re fast and efficient, and their team is highly qualified."
The client is still using the platforms that GIGA IT helped develop. The quality of work was excellent and communication was fluid.

What our clients say about us

"Their ability to take on our project as a project of their own and to understand our development needs was incredible."
The projects and deliverables produced by GIGA IT have been very successful, completely satisfying customer requirements. Their team operates in an incredibly agile framework, demonstrating unique flexibility and decision-making abilities in all of their work.

What our clients say about us

“The results are positive, which is why we decided to renew our collaboration with them.”
GIGA IT supplements a long-term partnership based on their ability to meet metrics, achieve positive results, and provide stable and punctual services. Flexible and transparent, the team has adapted to the client’s requirements. They manage their work well using a reporting system.

What our clients say about us

"We learned a lot from them on how to run projects more efficiently."
The team impressed with its thorough project development methodology, yielding a high-quality, reliable solution. Completing the scope of work according to budget requirements and schedule, they delivered a final product free of bugs or outstanding issues. They were a detail-oriented team.

What our clients say about us

"To begin with, we were impressed with GIGA IT's nimbleness in forming a dev team to begin our project in short order."
GIGA IT delivered a functional, bug-free event system on time despite several requests for changes. They used Scrum in two-week sprints and used Jira for project management and MS Teams for communication and sharing files. Their communicative approach, flexibility, and trustworthiness were notable.

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