Empowering Environmental Conservation with Agile Staff Augmentation.


Environment, NGOs

Technologies used

The challenge

EarthRanger, a software solution that empowers protected area managers, ecologists, and wildlife biologists to make informed operational decisions for wildlife conservation, faced the daunting task of integrating new functionalities and optimizing their existing architecture to reduce latencies and achieve high-impact, environmentally positive results. Under a staff augmentation model, we provided a highly qualified technical team capable of adapting to the project’s dynamics and delivering immediate value. We overcame technical barriers and worked closely with the internal team, merging knowledge and experiences to achieve extraordinary results in record time.

The solution

Leveraging a collaborative platform, we enabled the integration of information from diverse devices, including GPS, chips, smart collars, and even data sent by park rangers. The software analyzes and displays this data on-screen for wildlife tracking. Additionally, it allows other users, such as NGOs or scientific personnel, to utilize this information and even configure their own devices.

The results

  • Enhanced species conservation: By employing machine learning, we generated more accurate predictions about species behaviors, enabling in-depth studies and proactive measures for planetary conservation.

  • Reduced poaching: We significantly contributed to curbing animal poaching by implementing efficient monitoring of various areas, enabling better control of geographical boundaries and more precise tracking of park rangers’ activities.

  • Real-time risk monitoring: Thanks to the newly added functionalities, it is now possible to detect poachers, wildfires, and other threats in real time, allowing for prompt intervention and mitigation.


We needed a team that could hit the ground running and seamlessly integrate with our existing team. Giga IT delivered! They quickly assigned highly skilled developers who were experts in the technologies we needed. This rapid deployment and their technical expertise allowed us to overcome challenges, optimize our software architecture, and achieve significant results in record time.

Operations Lead

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