Empowering wildlife conservation with Machine Learning and Data Visualization.


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Technologies used


The challenge

EarthRanger, a software solution that empowers protected area managers, ecologists, and wildlife biologists to make informed operational decisions for wildlife conservation, faced a critical challenge: optimizing its architecture to minimize data visualization response times. This challenge had far-reaching implications, directly impacting the ability to conserve wildlife, habitats, and communities across over 40 countries.

The solution

To address this challenge, a collaborative effort was undertaken to develop a new version of the software that enables the integration of information received from various devices, including GPS devices, chips, smart collars, and even data submitted by park rangers. This information is analyzed and displayed on-screen to track wildlife in real-time. Additionally, the software allows other users, such as other NGOs or individuals studying wildlife, to utilize this data and configure their own devices.

The results

  • Reduced Poaching: Efficient monitoring of vast areas, enabling better control of geographical boundaries and more precise tracking of ranger activities, has led to a significant reduction in poaching.

  • Real-Time Threat Detection: The new functionalities added to the software allow for the real-time detection of poachers, deliberate fires, and other threats to nature, enabling swift action to mitigate them.

  • Species Behavior Prediction: Leveraging technology to study species in depth and predict their behavior has empowered conservation efforts, allowing for proactive measures to protect the planet.


Their expertise in data visualization and machine learning has transformed our software, allowing us to react faster and make smarter decisions in the field. From quicker threat detection to improved species tracking, Giga IT’s solution has become an essential tool in our fight against poaching and habitat loss.

Operations Lead

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