Game Hub: Revolutionizing the entertainment experience with User-Centric Design.



Technologies used


The challenge

Kilburn, a leading provider of entertainment experiences, sought to create a Game Hub that would transform the way users interact with multimedia games and attractions at shopping mall entertainment centers. The challenge lay in developing a platform that not only facilitated game registration and scoring but also prioritized user experience, ensuring seamless interaction and engagement.

The solution

Giga IT embraced the challenge by adopting a user-centric approach, meticulously crafting innovative UX solutions that placed user needs at the forefront. This involved designing and prototyping interactive interfaces that were intuitive, engaging, and accessible to a diverse range of users. To further refine the user experience, we conducted comprehensive usability testing, gathering valuable insights that informed the final design iterations.

The results

  • Enhanced User Experience: The Game Hub’s user-centric design resulted in a platform that was easy to navigate, intuitive to use, and highly engaging. This led to increased user satisfaction, retention, and overall enjoyment of the entertainment experience.

  • Valuable User Data: By prioritizing user experience, we were able to gather valuable data about user preferences, behaviors, and engagement patterns. This data proved invaluable for Kilburn, enabling them to tailor marketing campaigns, develop targeted product offerings, and continuously enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Inclusive Accessibility: The Game Hub’s design incorporated accessibility principles, ensuring that users of all abilities could fully participate and enjoy the entertainment experience. This inclusive approach expanded Kilburn’s reach and fostered a more welcoming and equitable environment.


To begin with, we were impressed with GIGA IT’s nimbleness in forming a dev team to begin our project in short order. Also noteworthy is their flexibilty and ability to adapt to changing project requirements, and augmenting the team with additional/different resources as needed. Our GIGA IT delivery manager was transparent and communicated status and issues clearly and in a timely manner and we developed a very trusted, close working relationship.

Mars Tanumihardja – VP Technology, Kilburn Live LLC

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