Automation of the coupling production line.



The challenge

Tenaris, a leading company in steel tube production, faced a challenge in its coupling production line. The process of labeling, painting, and engraving couplings was manual, slow, risky, and prone to errors. This affected production efficiency, product quality, and worker safety.

The solution

Giga developed an automated solution for the coupling production line. The solution was based on implementing a line of robots that perform tasks such as picking and placing couplings on the production line, painting, labeling, engraving, and arranging complete pieces.

The results

  • Increased efficiency: The automated production line operates 24/7, allowing Tenaris to significantly increase its production.

  • Quality improvement: Process automation has reduced errors and failures, improving the quality of the final product.

  • Enhanced safety: Eliminating manual work on the production line has reduced the risk of accidents for workers.


The automation solution for our coupling line has been a major win. We replaced slow, manual processes with a 24/7 robotic system. This has significantly boosted our production output, while also improving product quality and worker safety. Giga IT truly understood our challenges and delivered a solution that’s having a real impact on our business.

Operation Manager

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