The Benefits You Get from Custom Software Development

Software of all kinds is available in the market. Some work well for many organizations that it becomes difficult to try and craft anything by yourself. In other situations, though, it’s much easier and safer to get custom software development companies to build something unique to your way and needs of doing business than attempting to bend one to work as you want.
As you can expect, benefits exist to taking the custom software development route. Read on to understand what it’s all about and how it can significantly contribute to your organization’s operations.

What Is Custom Software, and Why Is It Important?

Custom software is specially designed and developed to meet the needs of a particular organization. The development can incorporate specific requirements and preferences, extending their functionality to your company beyond that offered by off-the-shelf software.
Adopting custom software at your company can be important for multiple reasons. It enables a more personalized work environment while also being an efficient solution to meet your needs. Depending on your exact operations, you can have it as a standalone or integrate it with off-the-shelf software; that’s critical for smooth operations.

Advantages of Custom Software

Numerous benefits are available to your company when you choose to work with nearshore custom development companies for a unique product. They include the following:

  • 1. Tailored To Your Needs: How your company operates can differ from your peers, and you’ll need software designed to meet your unique business requirements. These go over the limits of off-the-shelf software.
  • 2. Increasing Efficiency and Productivity: Since you’re fully aware of how you operate, you can create custom software that automates processes around your workplace, thus reducing errors and inefficiencies—the net effect is an increase in productivity and cost savings for your operations.
  • 3. Scalability: Custom software development leaves enough room to add new features and capabilities as your business grows. With every new field of business you enter, you can add functionality that plugs in with your existing operations.
  • 4. Competitive Advantages: Off-the-shelf software is built to serve a wide range of needs, but can lack the capability to suit your specific needs. Custom software addresses this and can give you an advantage over your competitors.
  • 5. Enhanced Security: There is no denying that enterprise software is increasingly the target for ransomware and other cybersecurity threats. Custom software can incorporate additional, and even redundant security layers; thus protecting you on many levels.

Examples of Industries Using Custom Software

Financial technology, better known as FinTech, has taken the banking and financial sectors to the next level regarding service provision. Such software can offer users convenient payment options while protecting financial data. FinTech apps can provide an intuitive user experience and streamline internal as well as client-facing processes. 

Entertainment today implies customers should be able to access what they’re looking for right from the comfort of their smartphone or with the click of a mouse. Custom software helps entertainment companies give targeted content to specific users, thus enabling them to spend time on the platform.

Logistics is a nuanced process requiring constant, timely communication and excellent customer service. Custom software can assist in streamlining operations by reducing errors and increasing efficiency. Managing inventory, tracking shipments, or scheduling deliveries can significantly help any company’s operations. 

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6 reasons to hire developers from Latin America

Right now, USA and most of the developed world are going through a talent shortage. The time has finally come when there are more jobs available than people to fill them. This has been a renaissance of worker’s rights and respect for well-being as employers compete to provide the most appealing roles, but there is still the matter of technical talent. Developers and IT, in particular, are difficult to hire because there are not enough technically talented people to go around. It’s no surprise that many employers are turning to international hires. Latin American software developers are an excellent choice for a number of reasons when you’re looking for nearshore hiring to build your developer teams.

Timezone Compatibility

Unlike other parts of the world, Latin America shares longitudinal time zones with the US. Central America and South America fall into UTC time zones of -5 (east) to -8 (Pacific) so that it is easy to align your working schedule with developers who work and sleep at the same times as your US-based team members. Meetings, projects, and deadlines will be easier to coordinate without always having to compromise during early mornings and late nights.

Highly Skilled Talent Pool

Latin American universities produce highly skilled and talented graduates who have received world-class education and training in software development. If you are looking for software developers who have the skills and the experience to bring your project to success, Latin American tech professionals provide an impressive talent pool to draw from.

Cultural Similarity

You will also find that Latin American professionals share many cultural similarities. The regions of Central and South America have similar cultural values and expectations, which can minimize cultural differences between team members. When considering nearshore and international hiring, LATAM developers promise compatibility with shared cultural roots.

Adding Language Fluency to Your Team

Every US team is made stronger with the addition of more languages and greater fluency. Latin American developers tend to be fluent in English in addition to one or more languages native to the Central and South American continents including Spanish and Portuguese. With many Spanish speakers in the United States, this can help you connect more strongly to your entire potential client base and build business relationships outside of English-speaking circles.

Geographic Proximity for Meetups

Many businesses that hire remotely and internationally still enjoy the occasional in-person meetup. Latin American software developers are geographically much closer than neighbors “across the pond” when it comes to attending conferences, celebrations, and team-building events with your company. They will be more available for meetups and also unlikely to suffer jet lag on arrival due to sharing your time zones.

Cost-Effective Hiring

Lastly, Latin America offers competitive pricing for software development, and developers will gain a distinct benefit from compensation and benefits packages put together in the US. Working with an IT talent partner, it will also be easier and more cost-effective to provide your Latin American developers with benefits that match your team across your shared border compared to new hires from halfway across the world.

If you are ready to hire software developers and IT professionals with nearshore companies, Latin America is an excellent choice for a skilled and affordable talent pool. Our developers provide valuable culture-add and language diversity to any team along with their much-needed technical expertise. GIGA IT can connect you with a rich pool of LATAM-based technical talent including a wide range of developers, information technicians, admins, and more who share your time zone, your cultural roots, and your continental shelf. Contact GIGA IT to begin your Latin American nearshore IT recruitment.

Nearshore versus offshore software development 

Outsourcing custom software development is standard practice across all industries. Whenever a business is looking for a software development partner, the first consideration is whether to choose offshore or nearshore software developers. Both options have pros and cons, so it is worth thinking carefully about your needs and budget before making a decision. Let’s take a closer look at each of the options, and their potential advantages and disadvantages. 

Nearshore software development pros 

Nearshore software development is the practice of choosing a developer located in the same or similar time zone as the client. The benefits of this option are: 

  • Cost efficiency: While the labor costs involved with nearshoring are sometimes higher than those associated with farshoring, these are often mitigated by reductions in other areas, such as travel expenses. 
  • Operational efficiency: Shorter distances between the client and the software contractor make a more efficient and collaborative working environment.  In conclusion, cutting down communication obstacles  prevents missing deadlines, budget excesses, and other complications 
  • Effective communication: Working with nearshore teams means you don’t have to wait for hours before receiving a response to a query; or wake up at 1 in the morning to attend a Teams meeting. Workflows are more streamlined, faster, and more efficient. 
  • More influence and control: Shared borders, common language and closer time zones make nearshoring much easier to manage. You can maintain full control of the project with many of the same benefits of onshoring, but at a lower cost. 

Nearshore software development cons

There are two significant cons to think about when considering nearshore software development. Firstly, although the costs are lower than they would be if you chose onshore vendors, they are likely to be significantly higher than those presented by offshore service providers. You need to ensure that your chosen partner will offer sufficient benefits in other areas to justify the higher price. Good work quality and the improved efficiency of offshore work can easily justify these costs, if you choose the right vendor. 

Secondly, when looking for nearshore partners, you will find that your choices are somewhat limited compared to offshore. With a smaller talent pool, you may have some difficulties finding available professionals for your project. 

Offshore software development pros

If you choose offshore software development partners, you have access to the following benefits: 

  • Cost savings: Service providers in destinations such as India, Russia, Ukraine, China, or the Philippines can offer their services at a much lower rate than those located in the Americas. This is often the biggest consideration for U.S. companies that are budget conscious. 
  • Global talent pool: Looking offshore opens you up to a vast talent pool of software developers from all over the world.  
  • Rotating shifts: Offshore developers can work whenever their clients need them to. Most importantly, you can have the benefit of knowing that your software project is advancing while you sleep.  

Offshore software development cons 

Despite all these benefits, offshore development comes with a few potential drawbacks. While the time zone differences offer the flexibility and rotating shifts mentioned above, they can also be a barrier to efficient development and delivery. Ten to fourteen hours’ time differences affect the frequency and quality of meetings and can affect the quality of project deliverables.  

Speaking of quality, given the distance, it is more difficult to assess and verify the capability of service providers. You could very easily select a development partner based on low rates and a good sales pitch, only to find that their team is inexperienced and their processes suboptimal. Cultural barriers can also make it more challenging to drive a project forward at a satisfactory pace, jeopardizing both quality and delivery times. You would also have to take high travel costs into account. You may need to take fifteen hours flights to see your software vendor, meaning high costs and increased downtime. Since you will want to keep such trips to a minimum, face-to-face communication will be scarce, and there will be less of a personal touch. 

Giga IT is a reputable and experienced provider of nearshore custom software development for U.S. businesses. Contact us to see how we can partner with you on an efficient and successful software development project. 

The ultimate guide to remote IT staff augmentation

Modern software teams follow Agile models, which requires teams to be adaptable and embrace change whenever it occurs. But this means that staffing requirements can also change at any time. 

Consequently, companies need to deal with onboarding new employees, briefing new staff members, staff training, and more. And sometimes, companies will need to reduce the team size by letting go of some employees.

Fortunately, companies can avoid such recruitment challenges by working with an IT staff augmentation company. 

What exactly is remote staff augmentation?

Remote staff augmentation involves hiring an employee or a team through a third party. These employees will work on the required project on a contract basis. Staff augmentation companies can save businesses a lot of time and money and reduce the risks of hiring staff directly. The main benefit here is that companies can quickly get the resources and skills they need to get the project done properly. 

Moreover, the pandemic has shown many companies that remote work can form an integral part of their processes since it can bring success for both employees and employers. Additionally, companies across the globe can work with people beyond their country’s borders and get access to specific skill sets for particular roles on a team. 

Benefits of hiring a reliable staff augmentation company

Remote staff augmentation is a cost-effective and flexible strategy that can help your business access scarce skills whenever you need them.

Benefits of hiring a reliable staff augmentation company:

1. Access to a large talent pool 

Remote staff augmentation can provide your business with a team of experts without you having to source, screen, and hire candidates. You can hire one employee for a specific role or a team of professionals with varying skills. If a software development firm is looking to boost its workforce and resources, remote staff augmentation is an ideal solution. 

2. Only pay for what you need

By working with a staff augmentation company, you’ll only pay for what you need. As a result, if you don’t want to hire someone on a full-time basis, you can draw up an agreement with your staff augmentation vendor stating exactly how many team members you need and for how long. 

3. Helps you save time

When working with a staff augmentation company, you only need to provide information on what you require and pay the hired team or staff member. As a result, you don’t need to spend precious time and money on recruitment, onboarding, and training. Consequently, staff augmentation is a great solution if you’re looking for extra employees for a specific project or short-term experiment.

Staff augmentation gives your company increased agility and flexibility to respond to operational and market needs.

4. Retain control over crucial projects

Staff augmentation doesn’t require you to outsource the entire project to an external team or company. Instead, you hire only the staff members required to finish a particular project. This way, your in-house team works alongside the outsourced staff members. Therefore, you have complete control over how the project is executed, and you can ensure it meets your company’s requirements and standards. Additionally, you can choose to hire someone to manage quality assurance or assign the role to an in-house team member.

5. Increased productivity

Staff augmentation lets you assign additional workloads and complex tasks to the outsourced team. This way, your in-house team won’t burn out and everyone can work on tasks they excel at. 

Staff augmentation models and how to choose the right one


Staff augmentation models you can choose from:

Traditional staffing providers: These agencies provide companies with temporary staff members from different industries. Trading staffing providers are a great solution if you’re looking for additional employees for a low-skill project.

Boutique staffing agencies: These agencies focus on finding specialized or skilled team members for specific short-term projects. 

Vendor staffing providers: Vendor staff providers provide large-scale staffing programs. This service is great for companies that are looking for a cost-effective solution that can scale their teams quickly. 

Online platforms: Online platforms provide businesses with freelancers and independent workers. These platforms are suitable for companies that aren’t looking for specialists but want a cost-effective alternative to traditional hiring processes. 

On-demand talent platforms: These platforms give companies instant access to top talent. It’s a great option for companies that are looking to hire a remote employee quickly. 

Not sure what staff augmentation model to go for?

Consider hiring a staff augmentation consultant!

If you’re struggling to choose a specific model, a staff augmentation consultant can guide you through the hiring process and ensure your company’s data and interests are protected throughout the entire process. 

What is the difference between staff augmentation and outsourcing?

Outsourcing and staff augmentation are often used interchangeably, but these two hiring strategies have significant differences.

Outsourcing requires businesses to completely hand over a particular project to an external team. As a result, the external team has full control over the project and has to deal with the bottlenecks and risks associated with it. Outsourcing can also lead to security risks, reduced quality control, changing deadlines, and more.

On the other hand, staff augmentation gives companies the workforce and resources they need to finish a project. In this case, the external team works with the in-house team and company standards and timelines are maintained.

Staff augmentation concerns and how to overcome them


Staff augmentation provides businesses with many benefits. However, it does have a few challenges. 

Here, we’ll provide you with a few solutions to help you achieve the best results:

1. Poor English and communication skills

When you hire team members from staff augmentation, there is a chance that the employees will communicate differently or have different first languages.

But not to worry – this isn’t an obstacle to having the best outcome. Many top companies across the globe work alongside remote employees and they see amazing results!

Here’s how you can do the same:

  • Do comprehensive research on the staff augmentation company you want to hire.. Read their reviews and website information to determine their expertise and  experience.
  • Communicate with your staff augmentation supplier and tell them exactly what roles, skills, and expertise you need. An experienced staff augmentation company will provide you with communicative experts and top talent that can help you get the job done properly. 

2. Time zone differences 

We know what you’re thinking:

How can you work with people who start their work day when you’ve already clocked out?

How can you resolve urgent issues when your team members aren’t available when you need them?

Here’s how:

  • Once again, communicate with your staff augmentation supplier and stipulate your working hours. An experienced supplier will provide you with suitable team members who can work with your schedule and working hours. 
  • Turn time zone differences into your company’s strength. For example, let’s imagine that you’ve hired external customer support agents to work alongside your in-house team. If there’s an urgent customer query that needs to be resolved late at night, one of the available agents can resolve the issue immediately.
  • Host daily team meetings with the external and in-house teams. This way, you can stay in touch with everyone and ensure everyone is aware of the goals and tasks for the week. 

Partner with us for remote IT staff augmentation

If you’re looking to hire a temporary software development team, project managers, quality assurance managers, or customer service teams, visit the Giga IT website today.

We’re a professional IT staff augmentation company offering custom software development services. We will get you the best candidates to complete your mobile software development or financial software development project. 

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to have the most productive team members with the right expertise and worth ethic to complete projects successfully.

Moreover, as your business grows, you’ll need to add new team members to balance workloads, boost productivity, and enhance creativity.  

And while you could hire employees directly, the recruitment process can be incredibly time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, you can rely on Giga IT’s staff augmentation services to boost your organization’s workforce and productivity and scale projects and growth.

Other reasons why you should hire Giga IT:

  • Improved productivity: By working alongside Giga IT’s tech professionals, you will be able to deliver the quality software solutions you need in a shorter amount of time.
  • We can start immediately: We can assemble the expert team you need quickly. This way, you can get started on your project right away and meet deadlines with ease.
  • Instant responses: Our delivery centers are in Latin America, so we’re always in the same time zone as the US. This way, you won’t need to wait for responses!
  • Reduce strain on your HR team: If you need additional team members for a short-term project, there’s often no need to hire a full-time in-house staff member. Traditional recruitment processes are also quite costly and can eat into your staffing budget. Moreover, if a candidate doesn’t work out, you are back where you started. When you work with us, we’ll help you find the perfect candidates quickly. This way, you can get your project started and have the best minds get the job done!
  • Expertise: Our cross-functional team will help you get your project done. So whether you need a project manager, software development services, or a quality assurance expert, we’ve got you covered. 

Contact us today to have the best results with our remote staff augmentation company!