Ins and Outs of Creating an Integrated and Efficient Staff Augmentation Team

Historically, outsourcing has been a great strategy to achieve company goals while utilizing the least resources possible to advance strategic objectives. This is why companies that value expert services at fair prices have quickly adopted this delivery model. And based on the present market’s needs, outsourcing organizations are quickly expanding the scalability of the services they offer through staff augmentation.

On a large scale, traditional staff augmentation impacts the world economy. Statistics show the total outsourcing market was capped at $400 billion globally. This was not only influenced by the fact that it is cost-effective but also because businesses frequently prefer it to concentrate on their primary business operations. This promotes flexibility, accelerates time to market, and improves the quality of services for new projects.

So, what must companies do to create an integrated and efficient staff augmentation team? We will explore strategies your company can take to make this happen. Let’s dive in!

Why Consider Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation services can be immensely beneficial to any company, especially in terms of:

  • Flexibility: Staff augmentation is the ideal alternative for businesses with a sizable impending project because it is flexible to business situations and is secured by a talent-sourcing vendor. By doing this, businesses can take on projects of any scale and complexity.
  • Recruiting Time: Headhunting is a taxing endeavor. But with staff augmentation, you can collaborate with service providers with a large database of vetted experts to swiftly match them to your needs.
  • Expenses: Staff augmentation services save on organizing a new workplace and providing equipment, software, and other office necessities. Plus, you won’t have to handle the paperwork that comes with employee taxes, sick time, health insurance, and vacation. The staff augmentation service company will take care of all of it.
  • Staff Management: Staff augmentation offers greater control over the team and the process than contract outsourcing. You have greater power when you perform management tasks independently instead of delegating team management to an outsourced company.

How to Create an Integrated and Efficient Staff Augmentation Team

Even though staff augmentation may sound advantageous, many businesses still have reservations about it. This is because they are unsure how to bring in their permanent employees to collaborate with the temporary resources provided by a staff augmentation service.

Fortunately, there are a few tips and strategies that team managers can take to overcome the hurdles and fears associated with integrating staff augmentation resources into an existing IT staff.

Intentionally Building Relationships

Intentionally developing relationships with each of your coworkers is crucial if you want to work as a team and pursue the same objective. According to a Harvard Business Review, senior firm leaders are first in line to be focused on establishing and sustaining social connections across the corporation. It is essential to enhance communication, boost idea sharing, and foster a sense of belonging among staff members for both work teams to function successfully.

Establish Clear Communication Channels

Speaking of building relationships, nothing will hold it together better than clear communication channels. Establishing open lines of communication with your augmented IT personnel is crucial for ensuring seamless integration. Ensure everyone has been informed of the project’s objectives, schedule, and deliverables. 

Although all businesses have channels for discussing work-related concerns, it’s a good idea to have less formal chat rooms where employees can discuss their daily lives and their weekends or celebrate friends’ birthdays. Your working relationship will be reinforced by improving the interpersonal connections among team members.

Culture, Culture, Culture!

It’s crucial to create a collaborative team culture. Focus on soft skills, shared values, and effective communication to close the communication gap across internal and external staff and promote a cooperative, teamwork-oriented culture. Additionally, using specialized project managers to monitor collaboration and project development might aid in integrating remote professionals into the workplace atmosphere.


Augmented staff may be specialists and adept at working with various tools. However, this does not automatically translate to them adjusting to the company’s speed and nature of work. Therefore, executives must ensure that coaching and mentoring are ingrained in their daily conduct and corporate culture. This will help them adapt more quickly and promote the development of a collaborative culture.

Next Steps: Fostering Collaboration With Augmented IT Staff

Next Steps: Fostering Collaboration With Augmented IT Staff

Although it takes time and attention, developing an effective team is achievable with the right strategy. Team building aims to create an atmosphere where everyone feels inspired and appreciated while working together to achieve shared objectives.

How to Create an Integrated and Efficient Staff Augmentation Team

At Giga IT, we value an atmosphere where employees feel free to discuss ideas openly. Your company will succeed with our IT solutions and services while spending less time and money. Contact us today and learn how to integrate your augmented IT staff into your team for maximum performance.

Keys To Developing An Effective Team-Building Strategy

Building an effective team that can come together and achieves success is a complex process that requires thought and consideration, as well as a willingness to learn from mistakes.  

Without strong teamwork, even the best strategy will fall apart. You need to be willing to take into account all aspects of the process from recruitment and selection to training and development. So, how do you go about creating a team-building strategy that works? Let’s break it down. 

party experts who specialize in specific areas of expertise when needed for a project or task at hand which saves time and money in the long run. 

Recruitment & Selection

The first step in building an effective team is finding the right people for the job. This means conducting thorough interviews and researching each candidate’s background, skills, and experience. Once you have identified potential candidates, it’s important to assess their fit within the existing team dynamic by looking at both their technical and interpersonal skills. This will help you make sure they’re able to work well with others while also ensuring they have the necessary experience or knowledge base required for the job. 

Training & Development

Once you have recruited your team members, it’s time to focus on training and development. This includes providing them with access to resources such as manuals or tutorials so that they can understand how their roles work within the organization. It also involves creating opportunities for them to learn from more experienced colleagues or by attending workshops or seminars that cover topics related to their job descriptions. Finally, it is important to provide feedback on performance to identify areas of improvement that can then be worked on during future training sessions or individual coaching sessions.  

Understand Your Team Members

You need to understand who your team members are and what makes them unique. Every member brings something different to the table and understanding those differences can help ensure that everyone is working together in harmony. Take some time to get to know each team member on an individual level—their strengths and weaknesses, their passions and interests, so that you can better understand how they fit into the overall picture of your team. 

Team Bonding Activities

Team bonding activities are essential for helping new teams form strong relationships with each other and build trust within the group. These activities should be tailored depending on your team’s specific needs but could include anything from playing a game to organizing team-building events such as charity fundraisers or overnight retreats where everyone can take part in various activities designed to foster collaboration among members of the group.  

Encourage Collaboration & Cooperation

One of the keys to developing an effective team-building strategy is encouraging collaboration between team members. By creating an atmosphere where ideas are exchanged freely and people are encouraged to work together towards common goals, you will foster an environment where everyone feels like they have ownership over their work and that leads to higher levels of engagement and productivity overall. Try implementing group activities or brainstorming sessions where each person has a chance to contribute their unique skillset toward solving problems or coming up with solutions. 

Team Management Strategies

Effective teams require good management strategies for them to reach their full potential. These strategies should involve setting clear goals, monitoring progress towards those goals, providing regular feedback on performance, rewarding successes, and addressing conflicts when needed for everyone involved in a project feels supported throughout its duration. It’s also important to ensure everyone has access to resources needed for them complete tasks successfully as well as create a safe environment where all opinions are respected regardless of seniority levels within the organization. 

Set Goals & Create a Plan

Once you have a good understanding of who your team members are, it’s time to set goals and create a plan for achieving them. This plan should include measurable objectives, timelines for completion, and strategies for getting there. Make sure that everyone on the team is aware of these goals and understands their role in achieving them so that everyone knows what needs to be done to reach success.  

Building an effective team requires effort and dedication but it can be done if approached correctly! Team building isn’t just about putting people in the same room; it’s about creating an environment where everyone feels motivated and valued while working towards common goals together! 

At Giga IT we believe in a work environment where everyone feels comfortable enough to share ideas openly. Our IT solutions and services will assure success for your business while saving time and money.  

Contact us and obtained professional advice about how to start your journey to improve your team performance. 

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10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Company’s Productivity

Are you looking for simple ways to increase your company’s productivity? In this blog post, we’ll cover 10 simple and effective ways that you can use to increase productivity within your organization without breaking a sweat! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get productive! Let’s dive right in!  

Research shows that increasing your team’s productivity can result in significant cost savings, improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, and a better bottom line. Productivity has become the holy grail for businesses in the digital age. The ability to stay ahead of the competition and maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality or adding more permanent staff means staying on top of the latest technology and IT services, while also understanding how to leverage information to improve processes. But where do you start? Don’t worry – we’ve got your back!   

 1. Staff Augmentation 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to increase productivity, staff augmentation can be your best friend. By bringing in additional qualified professionals, you can get the job done faster and better than ever before!  

Add additional resources without having to hire full-time staff members or train new employees from scratch. This type of service allows companies to use third-party experts who specialize in specific areas of expertise when needed for a project or task at hand which saves time and money in the long run. 

 2. Leverage Technology and automation

Technology can help streamline processes and automate certain aspects of your business operations which leads to increased efficiency and better results overall. Take advantage of cloud computing, automation, and data analysis to gain more insights and make better decisions.  

Be sure to invest in technology that is relevant and useful for your company’s needs so that it can be leveraged properly for maximum efficiency gains. 

Automating mundane tasks frees up time for employees to focus on more high-value work.  

3. Prioritize Projects  

Staying focused and knowing which projects to prioritize is vital. Use project management tools to stay on top of tasks and make sure staff are working on the right things at the right time.  

Also, set expectations and guides so your staff can stay focused on the right objectives and deliver results quickly. Rather than trying to complete everything on your plate, prioritize tasks based on their importance. This way, when unexpected tasks arise, you won’t be taken off guard and can easily rearrange your priorities. 

4. Communication  

Open communication is key when it comes to boosting productivity. Encourage collaboration between teams and ensure everyone understands the objectives, deadlines, and strategies being used to reach them. 

Make sure that everyone in the organization has access to collaboration tools such as video conferencing, task management systems, and chat apps. This will help streamline communication and enable staff to work together more efficiently. 

 5. Measure Performance  

Tracking performance is essential for making sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to productivity goals. Use analytics tools and KPIs to measure performance and set realistic targets. Setting clear goals and objectives helps keep teams motivated as they strive towards achieving common goals together 

Take a look at your current operations and see where you can make improvements and cut down on time-consuming tasks. 

6. Delegate  

Don’t be afraid to delegate mundane tasks. Leaders should delegate tasks with confidence and trust that their team members can handle them without additional handholding or micromanaging from them.  

Delegating allows you to focus on more important projects while still getting the job done efficiently and effectively. Also, this will empower employees to take ownership of their work and be more productive in their roles.     

7. Keep Learning  

To stay ahead of the competition, you’ll need to continuously update your skills and knowledge, as well as your team´s.  

Invest in your own success. Staff training and development programs give employees the tools needed to stay up-to-date with industry trends, hone existing skillsets, acquire new ones, and increase overall productivity. 

8. Active breaks 

Believe it or not, taking regular breaks during the day can help increase productivity levels! Active breaks are temporary breaks within the working day executed through physical and mental exercises to recover energy. Taking brief breaks throughout your workday helps refresh the mind and body so employees feel energized when they return to work mode after each break session.   

9. Set realistic goals  

On one hand, setting goals is key to planning, executing a plan, staying motivated, and ultimately evaluating your success. On the other hand, setting too lofty expectations only leads to frustration among employees which decreases motivation levels. Instead, set achievable objectives that are attainable for everyone involved in the project to stay motivated.   

10. Time Management systems 

One of the most effective ways for employees to remain productive is by managing their time effectively through tools like time tracking software or project management tools like Asana or Trello which allow them to break down complex tasks into manageable chunks that are easy to track and complete on schedule  

Small changes will ultimately have a big impact on business success over time!  you’ll soon find your team running at optimal levels of efficiency! With these tips in mind, you’re sure to achieve success! 

At Giga IT our number one priority is helping our clients achieve their maximum potential. Our IT solutions and services will help you save time and money while reaching your goals. 

Contact us and obtained professional advice about how to start your journey to increased your company productivity 

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When mass layoffs happen in the US, remote staff augmentation turns to Latin America

With the prospects of a pending recession challenging growth, many medium and large sized companies in the U.S. have started laying off thousands of employees. 

Hundreds of tech companies have also been affected, including startups like Gemini and On Deck, as well as giants like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon. In fact, Google announced in mid-July that it would be pausing its hiring processes, while Apple cut 100 recruitment contractors across several regions in early August. Recently, Amazon laid off around 100k employees after it overstaffed its warehouses to compensate for pandemic-driven demand. This places a large burden on the existing labor pool to try to keep up the same work with fewer resources.

The companies who adapt the fastest will survive

In order to survive and thrive during these challenging times, businesses need to devise plans to help them adapt. It’s not the strongest companies that will survive – it’s those that can pivot, move quickly, and implement the necessary changes. All-in- all, the ability and willingness of an organization to adapt is a great competitive

Companies should also prepare their finances for the coming years. This way, they will be better positioned to handle challenging circumstances.

Speaking of embracing changes, to avoid canceling business critical programs and laying off staff, US companies should consider using a nearshore staff augmentation service.

One way companies can avoid laying off staff is by relying on nearshore staff augmentation services – instead of directly hiring in-house staff members. 

By partnering with a nearshore staff augmentation company, you can spend less money on recruitment, work alongside qualified employees, and simply cancel the service when it’s no longer required. 

In other words, you don’t have to deal with the painful layoff experience. 

Why Giga IT is the perfect staff augmentation partner

If you’re looking to hire temporary software developers, project managers, quality assurance managers, or customer service teams, visit the Giga IT website today.

We’re a professional IT staff augmentation company offering custom software development services. You can rest assured that we will get you the best candidates to complete your custom software development project. 

Having team members with the right expertise and worth ethic is essential for any successful project. And as your team grows and enters new phases, it’s crucial to add new team members to balance the workload and boost creativity. 

However, hiring in-house employees can be time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, you can rely on Giga IT’s staff augmentation services to boost your in-house team’s productivity and scale projects. 

We can help you get the software applications development experts you need, while simultaneously boosting your team’s flexibility. This way, you can scale up and complete projects on time!

Here are a few other reasons why you should hire Giga IT:

  • Improved productivity: By working alongside Giga IT’s tech professionals, you will be able to deliver the quality software solutions you need in a shorter amount of time.
  • Reduce strain on your HR team: If you need additional team members for a short-term project, there’s often no need to hire a full-time in-house staff member. Traditional recruitment processes are also quite costly and can eat into your staffing budget. Moreover, if a candidate doesn’t work out, you are back where you started. When you work with us, we’ll help you find the perfect candidates quickly. This way, you can get your project started and have the best minds get the job done!
  • Expertise: Our cross-functional team will help you get your project done. So whether you need a project manager, software development services, or a quality assurance expert, we’ve got you covered. 

Contact us today to work with the best remote IT staff augmentation company in the market!

Hiring a reliable staff augmentation company

Thinking about hiring a staff augmentation company?

It can be challenging and time-consuming to recruit in-house IT experts, especially if you’re looking for top-notch middle and senior-level developers. 

Here are some of the other disadvantages of solely relying on traditional hiring processes:

  • Timely and expensive recruitment processes
  • High administration costs due to training
  • Finding quality talent can be challenging
  • Higher long-term costs due to raises, bonuses, overtime pay, etc.
  • The entire recruitment and onboarding processes need to be repeated for replacements 

If your project requires an additional team member as soon as possible, it’s a good idea to consider using a hiring model called staff augmentation. 

What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation can help you expand your in-house team by temporarily hiring several outsourcing IT specialists. 

These augmented team members will form part of your in-house team and collaborate with various other teams to get the project done. This type of hiring model works best for short-term projects (less than two years).

The difference between an IT recruitment agency and a staff augmentation company 

The key difference between an IT recruitment agency and IT staff augmentation company is IT knowledge and expertise in software development.

IT recruitment agencies specialize in recruitments, CV analysis, onboarding, and more. On the other hand, a staff augmentation company has expert knowledge in IT software and platforms. IT staff augmentation companies also often have more knowledge about the IT market and current trends. These specialists also know which technologies are compatible with your systems and goals.

Overall, a staff augmentation company offers a wider range of high-quality services.

Key criteria to choose IT staff augmentation companies

If you want to achieve success with your IT project, you can’t rely on any IT augmentation company – you need to find the right one that suits your needs, budget, and goals.

Here are four things to look for when choosing an IT staff augmentation company:

Staffing partner’s experience and expertise in your industry

Before settling on an IT staff augmentation company, ensure you do your research on them by checking out their reviews, caste studies, and testimonials.

Here are a few ways you can vet companies:

  • Review the company’s credentials and portfolio
  • Connect with the company’s previous clients to see what results they achieved
  • Ask colleagues, employees, business partners, and exerts what they think about your potential staffing provider.

Security skills 

Intellectual property and data protection are crucial in the IT market. As a result, your potential staffing partner must be willing to sign NDAs and commit to the necessary security requirements to protect user data from open source vulnerabilities. This is crucial since there’s been an increase in ransomware attacks.

Examine the contract

A comprehensive and clear contract agreement will help your IT company communicate its goals and expectations – and save you money in the long run.

Ensure your potential staffing partner provides a unique and clear contract that showcases their knowledge and expertise and ability to manage your project.

Consider cultural and language barriers

Your in-house employees and outsourced IT team will have to find a way to communicate and collaborate effectively.

However, it can be challenging when there are team members from diverse cultural backgrounds. As a result, ensure the resource and staff augmentation company you choose provides candidates who can thrive in a similar work environment. 

If you’re looking for a reliable IT staff augmentation company, visit the Giga IT website today.

We can help you get the tech specialists you need, while simultaneously boosting your team’s flexibility and productivity. This way, you can scale up and complete projects on time!

Contact us today to experience the benefits of a professional staff augmentation company.