6 reasons to hire developers from Latin America

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Right now, USA and most of the developed world are going through a talent shortage. The time has finally come when there are more jobs available than people to fill them. This has been a renaissance of worker’s rights and respect for well-being as employers compete to provide the most appealing roles, but there is still the matter of technical talent. Developers and IT, in particular, are difficult to hire because there are not enough technically talented people to go around. It’s no surprise that many employers are turning to international hires. Latin American software developers are an excellent choice for a number of reasons when you’re looking for nearshore hiring to build your developer teams.

Timezone Compatibility

Unlike other parts of the world, Latin America shares longitudinal time zones with the US. Central America and South America fall into UTC time zones of -5 (east) to -8 (Pacific) so that it is easy to align your working schedule with developers who work and sleep at the same times as your US-based team members. Meetings, projects, and deadlines will be easier to coordinate without always having to compromise during early mornings and late nights.

Highly Skilled Talent Pool

Latin American universities produce highly skilled and talented graduates who have received world-class education and training in software development. If you are looking for software developers who have the skills and the experience to bring your project to success, Latin American tech professionals provide an impressive talent pool to draw from.

Cultural Similarity

You will also find that Latin American professionals share many cultural similarities. The regions of Central and South America have similar cultural values and expectations, which can minimize cultural differences between team members. When considering nearshore and international hiring, LATAM developers promise compatibility with shared cultural roots.

Adding Language Fluency to Your Team

Every US team is made stronger with the addition of more languages and greater fluency. Latin American developers tend to be fluent in English in addition to one or more languages native to the Central and South American continents including Spanish and Portuguese. With many Spanish speakers in the United States, this can help you connect more strongly to your entire potential client base and build business relationships outside of English-speaking circles.

Geographic Proximity for Meetups

Many businesses that hire remotely and internationally still enjoy the occasional in-person meetup. Latin American software developers are geographically much closer than neighbors “across the pond” when it comes to attending conferences, celebrations, and team-building events with your company. They will be more available for meetups and also unlikely to suffer jet lag on arrival due to sharing your time zones.

Cost-Effective Hiring

Lastly, Latin America offers competitive pricing for software development, and developers will gain a distinct benefit from compensation and benefits packages put together in the US. Working with an IT talent partner, it will also be easier and more cost-effective to provide your Latin American developers with benefits that match your team across your shared border compared to new hires from halfway across the world.

If you are ready to hire software developers and IT professionals with nearshore companies, Latin America is an excellent choice for a skilled and affordable talent pool. Our developers provide valuable culture-add and language diversity to any team along with their much-needed technical expertise. GIGA IT can connect you with a rich pool of LATAM-based technical talent including a wide range of developers, information technicians, admins, and more who share your time zone, your cultural roots, and your continental shelf. Contact GIGA IT to begin your Latin American nearshore IT recruitment.


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