The benefits of hiring an Agile dedicated team


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Today’s software market is incredibly competitive. As a result, many companies have started outsourcing software development tasks and projects. By employing an Agile dedicated team, companies can avoid spending too much time and resources on recruitment and get the technological expertise they’re looking for.

What exactly is an Agile dedicated team?

An Agile dedicated team is a group of software professionals, including engineers, designers, product managers, project managers, and more. You can temporarily hire this group of specialists to work on a specific software development project for your company.

This team will work autonomously, but will communicate with your company. The team will also dedicate all their time and resources to the assigned project, so you can rest assured that they’ll get the job done properly.

Here are some of the other benefits of working with dedicated Agile teams:

Focused approach

One of the main advantages of working with an Agile dedicated team is that the team will dedicate all its time and effort to your specific project. This way, the team becomes immersed in your company’s work culture, goals, values, and more.

The team will also commit to your preferred management practices and is set on reaching your business goals and meeting deadlines.

Instant access to top talent

Finding the right team members can be incredibly time-consuming and costly. You need to source the right candidates, screen them, consider their expertise, and more. Moreover, you’ll need to invest in training, HR and IT support, additional office space and more.

All this precious time and money should rather be spent on achieving business goals and getting projects done.

Fortunately, by relying on a dedicated Agile team, you can avoid all the recruitment and administrative tasks. The outsourcing company will find the perfect candidates for you, while considering your preferred agile team size, company culture, project specifications, and more.

As a result, working with a dedicated team is more affordable than hiring in-house employees. The dedicated team will also provide the same or even better results, while you focus on other crucial business objectives.

Increased productivity

In order to succeed in the software market, you need to have a productive team that can meet deadlines easily. This way, you can take over competitors and gain a competitive advantage. 

With an Agile dedicated team, you’ll have access to a highly efficient group of professionals that’s fully committed to your project. You’ll also get a cohesive team since the team members have worked alongside one another previously. They also understand Agile best practices and will motivate one other to maintain productivity and achieve your goals.

Benefits of hiring Giga-IT

If you’re looking for a reliable Agile dedicated team, visit the Giga IT website today.

GigaIT provides Agile dedicated teams to help you complete your IT projects. When you partner with us, you will have a highly customized solution that has been designed to meet the needs of your project.. Your company can be as involved as you want to be. We can manage the entire process for you, or you can assign your own project managers, developers, or other resources to the team to work alongside us. Your project will have a Delivery Manager who will be responsible for communicating the progress of your project with you.

Here are a few other benefits of hiring Giga IT:

  • We can assemble the required team quickly. They will be ready to begin when you are.
  • Giga IT will manage the team from start to finish. This way, you can focus on other important tasks.
  • You’ll get a completely unique and custom team that suits your needs and budget.

With Giga IT, you’ll get access to a productive Agile team and the knowledge of our seasoned and professional engineers to get your project moving.

Contact us today to experience the benefits of hiring an Agile dedicated team!


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