IT Manager

Even though their engagement has ended, the client is still using the platforms that GIGA IT helped develop. The quality of work was excellent and communication was fluid.

Gustavo Sadovoy

The projects and deliverables produced by GIGA IT have been very successful, completely satisfying customer requirements. Their team operates in an incredibly agile framework, demonstrating unique flexibility and decision-making abilities in all of their work.

Technology Services Firm

GIGA IT satisfied the requirements by delivering high-caliber work within the expected parameters. The firm is hoping to bring them on for more projects based on their technical skills, commitment to the end-client, and similar company values. Customers can expect a partner that prioritizes quality.

Marcos Barrena

GIGA IT supplements a long-term partnership based on their ability to meet metrics, achieve positive results, and provide stable and punctual services. Flexible and transparent, the team has adapted to the client’s requirements. They manage their work well using a reporting system.

Lorena Laura García

“GIGA IT consultants team supported us by offering different alternatives to choose the best one in terms of costs and compliance for Microsoft software licensing, so we now have tools that increase our productivity.”

Juan Felipe Arjona

The team impressed with its thorough project development methodology, yielding a high-quality, reliable solution. Completing the scope of work according to budget requirements and schedule, they delivered a final product free of bugs or outstanding issues. They were a detail-oriented team.