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Nearshore versus offshore software development 

Outsourcing custom software development is standard practice across all industries. Whenever a business is looking for a software development partner, the first consideration is whether to choose offshore or nearshore software developers. Both options have pros and cons, so it is worth thinking carefully about your needs and budget before making a decision. Let’s take a closer look at each of the options, and their potential advantages and disadvantages. 

Nearshore software development pros 

Nearshore software development is the practice of choosing a developer located in the same or similar time zone as the client. The benefits of this option are: 

  • Cost efficiency: While the labor costs involved with nearshoring are sometimes higher than those associated with farshoring, these are often mitigated by reductions in other areas, such as travel expenses. 
  • Operational efficiency: Shorter distances between the client and the software contractor make a more efficient and collaborative working environment.  In conclusion, cutting down communication obstacles  prevents missing deadlines, budget excesses, and other complications 
  • Effective communication: Working with nearshore teams means you don’t have to wait for hours before receiving a response to a query; or wake up at 1 in the morning to attend a Teams meeting. Workflows are more streamlined, faster, and more efficient. 
  • More influence and control: Shared borders, common language and closer time zones make nearshoring much easier to manage. You can maintain full control of the project with many of the same benefits of onshoring, but at a lower cost. 

Nearshore software development cons

There are two significant cons to think about when considering nearshore software development. Firstly, although the costs are lower than they would be if you chose onshore vendors, they are likely to be significantly higher than those presented by offshore service providers. You need to ensure that your chosen partner will offer sufficient benefits in other areas to justify the higher price. Good work quality and the improved efficiency of offshore work can easily justify these costs, if you choose the right vendor. 

Secondly, when looking for nearshore partners, you will find that your choices are somewhat limited compared to offshore. With a smaller talent pool, you may have some difficulties finding available professionals for your project. 

Offshore software development pros

If you choose offshore software development partners, you have access to the following benefits: 

  • Cost savings: Service providers in destinations such as India, Russia, Ukraine, China, or the Philippines can offer their services at a much lower rate than those located in the Americas. This is often the biggest consideration for U.S. companies that are budget conscious. 
  • Global talent pool: Looking offshore opens you up to a vast talent pool of software developers from all over the world.  
  • Rotating shifts: Offshore developers can work whenever their clients need them to. Most importantly, you can have the benefit of knowing that your software project is advancing while you sleep.  

Offshore software development cons 

Despite all these benefits, offshore development comes with a few potential drawbacks. While the time zone differences offer the flexibility and rotating shifts mentioned above, they can also be a barrier to efficient development and delivery. Ten to fourteen hours’ time differences affect the frequency and quality of meetings and can affect the quality of project deliverables.  

Speaking of quality, given the distance, it is more difficult to assess and verify the capability of service providers. You could very easily select a development partner based on low rates and a good sales pitch, only to find that their team is inexperienced and their processes suboptimal. Cultural barriers can also make it more challenging to drive a project forward at a satisfactory pace, jeopardizing both quality and delivery times. You would also have to take high travel costs into account. You may need to take fifteen hours flights to see your software vendor, meaning high costs and increased downtime. Since you will want to keep such trips to a minimum, face-to-face communication will be scarce, and there will be less of a personal touch. 

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Top custom developed mobile app development trends for 2023 and beyond

Interested in trends in the custom developed mobile apps space?

People across the globe have become dependent on smartphones and smartphone apps. Mobile app solutions like Apple Pay have made it easier for people to make instant purchases in different apps while on the go.

And thanks to the pandemic, even more people are now relying on smartphone applications.

Additionally, new technological advancements like 5G have improved download speeds, decreased lag, and just improved the speed and quality of mobile applications. 

Here are a few other software application development trends to look out for:


5G is the newest radio technology that will boost mobile connectivity and improve smartphone user experience. According to forecasts, by 2025, 40% of all mobile connections in Europe will rely on 5G.

Here are some of the benefits of 5G:

  • High-speed performance (100 times faster than 4G)
  • Data delivered in just a millisecond
  • Streaming quality 4K-8K and 360 videos
  • Increased connectivity for up to a million devices

Instant apps

Instant apps allow users to access app content without actually having the app. This way, users can shop and make a purchase on the app without having to install it, saving users time and device space.

Instant apps also require less loading time, are highly accessible, and updated automatically.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics use customers’ behavioral data, traditional stats, data mining, and AI to boost user engagement levels, drive sales, and help businesses to make informed decisions. Mobile app owners can leverage predictive analysis to provide effective recommendations to customers and improve their overall sales strategy. 


Data breaches are happening across the globe, making people feel afraid to use mobile apps. As a result, another major trend in the mobile app development space is mobile security and data protection.

Fortunately, apps that are developed with Blockchain are usually more secure. This is because the encryption technique is basically impenetrable since the data is encoded and saved with a cryptographic hash.

Personal smart hubs

A smart home hub is software that connects devices on a home automation network and controls communications among them.

You can use smart home hubs to control various systems in your home. For example, you can set up commands to ensure your garage door opens when you approach it and make the lights turn on when you’re nearby. You can also use personal smart hubs to send text messages and make phone calls.

Cross-platform apps

Cross-platform apps are compatible with multiple operating systems and platforms (Android, iOS, Windows).

Cross-platform apps are a cost-effective solution since they use a single shareable code. Moreover, these apps have a native look and feel, which can boost user experience.

The biggest benefit of cross-platform apps is that they attract both Android and iOS users. 

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We’re a nearshore software development company that can help you build new apps or refresh and upgrade existing software. On top of that, we also offer managed service contracts to keep your apps and systems running optimally.

Launching an app can be a complicated process. That’s why our software development services include helping you release your product on platforms like App Store and Google play.

The best part?

You’ll work alongside a team of experienced project managers, developers, business analysts and QA leads. Whether you need iOS, Android, or Native app developers – or a team of QA analysts who can ensure the best coverage at the best price – we’ve got you covered!

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When mass layoffs happen in the US, remote staff augmentation turns to Latin America

With the prospects of a pending recession challenging growth, many medium and large sized companies in the U.S. have started laying off thousands of employees. 

Hundreds of tech companies have also been affected, including startups like Gemini and On Deck, as well as giants like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon. In fact, Google announced in mid-July that it would be pausing its hiring processes, while Apple cut 100 recruitment contractors across several regions in early August. Recently, Amazon laid off around 100k employees after it overstaffed its warehouses to compensate for pandemic-driven demand. This places a large burden on the existing labor pool to try to keep up the same work with fewer resources.

The companies who adapt the fastest will survive

In order to survive and thrive during these challenging times, businesses need to devise plans to help them adapt. It’s not the strongest companies that will survive – it’s those that can pivot, move quickly, and implement the necessary changes. All-in- all, the ability and willingness of an organization to adapt is a great competitive

Companies should also prepare their finances for the coming years. This way, they will be better positioned to handle challenging circumstances.

Speaking of embracing changes, to avoid canceling business critical programs and laying off staff, US companies should consider using a nearshore staff augmentation service.

One way companies can avoid laying off staff is by relying on nearshore staff augmentation services – instead of directly hiring in-house staff members. 

By partnering with a nearshore staff augmentation company, you can spend less money on recruitment, work alongside qualified employees, and simply cancel the service when it’s no longer required. 

In other words, you don’t have to deal with the painful layoff experience. 

Why Giga IT is the perfect staff augmentation partner

If you’re looking to hire temporary software developers, project managers, quality assurance managers, or customer service teams, visit the Giga IT website today.

We’re a professional IT staff augmentation company offering custom software development services. You can rest assured that we will get you the best candidates to complete your custom software development project. 

Having team members with the right expertise and worth ethic is essential for any successful project. And as your team grows and enters new phases, it’s crucial to add new team members to balance the workload and boost creativity. 

However, hiring in-house employees can be time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, you can rely on Giga IT’s staff augmentation services to boost your in-house team’s productivity and scale projects. 

We can help you get the software applications development experts you need, while simultaneously boosting your team’s flexibility. This way, you can scale up and complete projects on time!

Here are a few other reasons why you should hire Giga IT:

  • Improved productivity: By working alongside Giga IT’s tech professionals, you will be able to deliver the quality software solutions you need in a shorter amount of time.
  • Reduce strain on your HR team: If you need additional team members for a short-term project, there’s often no need to hire a full-time in-house staff member. Traditional recruitment processes are also quite costly and can eat into your staffing budget. Moreover, if a candidate doesn’t work out, you are back where you started. When you work with us, we’ll help you find the perfect candidates quickly. This way, you can get your project started and have the best minds get the job done!
  • Expertise: Our cross-functional team will help you get your project done. So whether you need a project manager, software development services, or a quality assurance expert, we’ve got you covered. 

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