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Giga IT can handle your IT customer support functions, freeing you of the need to hire in-house staff to provide dedicated service, support and advice for your customers.

Customer support is a crucial aspect of any business. Whatever product you sell, it is vital that you can answer your customer’s questions and provide whatever support they may need. Customer support can also demand a great deal of time and resources. The more an enterprise increases its scale, the more it will need to spend on providing support and service that keeps its expanding customer base happy.

Software customer support services

Once you launch an app or program for your customers to use, you will need to provide technical support to ensure that they know how to make the most of its features. You will need to make support staff available to answer questions and resolve complaints.

Instead of managing these tasks in-house, you can outsource them to Giga IT. We provide managed IT customer support services to help your customers use your software. We can provide this service whether we developed the software or not.

Our customer support operatives provide answers to frequently asked questions and help them with troubleshooting. If there is a higher-level problem, they will escalate the query to a software developer.


Why outsource your customer support to Giga IT?

Outsourcing your customer support provides several benefits for both your brand and your budget.

With experienced Giga IT customer support consultants interacting with your customers, you can become the most trusted brand in your industry. All questions are resolved by knowledgeable professionals, ensuring that customers are satisfied.

Hiring a customer support team in-house is expensive. When you work with us, you don’t need to hire more staff or build up the infrastructure needed for a customer support department. Outsourcing could easily amount to about two or three times less than you would have to invest if you kept it in-house.

Our consultants are not only trained to provide technical support, but also to be representatives of our clients’ brands. You can rest assured that we will promote your brand and grow its reputation.

As your company grows and your customer support requirements grow, you will not need to worry about recruiting more staff or expanding. We will manage those needs for you so you can scale up successfully.

Our customer support team adapts to your location and operating hours.

Improve your service, save money, time and other resources

If you are looking to improve your service while saving money, time and other resources, outsource your customer support functions to Giga IT. Contact us for more information.

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