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We work with companies looking to adopt cloud-based Microsoft technologies. Our solutions expand and streamline our clients’ operations. We also make it a priority to ensure controlled access to data and secure our clients’ information.

Why do you need cloud-based computing?

Giga IT provides expert cloud consulting services for businesses of all types and sizes. We work with companies looking to adopt cloud-based Microsoft technologies. Our solutions expand and streamline our clients’ operations. We also make it a priority to ensure controlled access to data and secure our clients’ information.

The primary benefits of cloud-based computing

Cloud-based systems are extremely affordable. By choosing one of our solutions, you can reduce your network and maintenance costs. You can also reduce the overall costs of your IT department by outsourcing your key functions.

Cloud solutions are endlessly scalable and can be tailored to fit businesses of any size, from small enterprises to multinational corporates. You can decide how much you need and also choose your solution based on how much you are prepared to spend.

Cloud-based operations can accommodate a workforce that is spread out across different countries, if necessary. They enable easy, instant sharing of resources and workflows that bring team members together regardless of the physical between them.

A business’s data is perhaps its most important asset. Any loss of data is potentially disastrous. When information is stored on local devices, it can easily be lost for good. At the very least, recovery can be a challenge. With a Cloud-based solution, data can be stored in the Cloud and recovered with ease. If devices are lost or damaged, your data remains safe, intact and accessible.

Software updates are absolutely necessary for your company’s operations. For large enterprises running several software packages, it can be difficult to keep up with all the required updates. With a Cloud-based solution, you won’t have to worry about that, because we will handle all of the updates remotely.

How can
Giga IT help?

GigaIT’s Cloud computing consultants offer our clients all the knowledge needed to move your business into the Cloud, run it there effectively and efficiently, and grow and improve as you go. We are licensed Microsoft partners, which means we have direct access to Microsoft support to help overcome any exceptional or complicated issues. We will walk alongside you throughout your Cloud computing journey, managing all technical issues so you can focus on your business.

Solve any problems

Our cloud-consulting services help you solve any problems you might face in future-proofing your IT infrastructure. As you seek cloud-based solutions for your business, you will not only find yourself wondering how to integrate the available solutions with your current architecture. You are also likely to find yourself overwhelmed by the vast choice of cloud solutions on the market. Our consultants will help you select the perfect solution for your business and then work with you to integrate it smoothly into your operations. Our aim is to maximize your return on your technology investment.

Our Microsoft Azure
Cloud Services include

  • Cloud consulting services

    Expert guidance in selecting the perfect Cloud platform for your business, as well as the appropriate strategy and architecture.

  • Custom-developed apps

    In addition to moving your existing apps, we will also help you develop new ones to help you drive your business operations from your new Cloud platform.

  • Application migration

    We will re-engineer all of your existing apps so that they can be hosted in the Cloud.

  • Analytics and BI

    Our services incorporate business intelligence (BI) and data analysis services.

  • Ongoing management and support services

    Our team of experts will provide constant maintenance & support services to assure that you are getting the best results.

We are experts in
Microsoft Platforms

We make these the basis of our cloud computing solutions: products such as Azure, Modern Workplace and Microsoft Business Applications. We work with our clients to provide cloud migration consulting services, integrating these industry-leading technologies into their existing IT architecture.

Microsoft Modern Workplace provides a platform and a comprehensive toolkit for communication and collaboration among your staff, via the Cloud. It fully exploits all the flexibility and capacity that Microsoft Office 365 can provide. It is fully adaptable to the demands of the modern business, where remote work and agile communication are essential. Employees need to be able to work securely from anywhere and from any device. Modern Workplace makes this possible.


We work with your IT department in these key areas

  • Platform and solution support

    Once the platforms are set up, we work with your IT staff to implement the different technologies. We provide successful models and low-code applications and help to facilitate the upskilling of your employees and the full transition to the cloud-based way of working. Our certified consultants will assist you to select and adopt the technology that is best suited to your digital transformation initiatives. We will then tailor solutions for your business, customizing Microsoft Cloud-based packages to suit your operations.

  • Core service management

    We partner with you to keep you and your systems operating at a high level of performance. We operate each IT area from within your company, helping to manage the infrastructure so that you and your staff can spend more time working on your actual business.

  • Expert Advice

    You can consult with us, both at the start of your cloud migration project and once after, for expert advice in choosing licensing options, selecting the best available tools and making optimal use of the products and platforms you have selected. Our consultants will support you with any changes and improvements you need to make to your existing architecture.

  • Pay-per-Use Services

    We provide our solutions as ongoing, pay-per-use services, rather than once-off installations. We provide all the necessary platforms, infrastructure and applications, together with applications in the Cloud that are designed to facilitate our clients’ daily operations with maximum ease of use and flexibility. We provide ongoing technical expertise so our clients can simply focus on what matters to them.

  • IT assistance

    We provide dedicated services, support, and advice for your customers. Our service operatives provide answers to frequently asked questions, helping them with troubleshooting. All questions are resolved by knowledgeable professionals, ensuring that customers are satisfied.

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What our clients say about us

Our organization was at a key point to improve our operation and having technical and functional advice, GIGA IT supported us to deploy our intranet based on Sharepoint to improve our organization communication and internal management. GIGA IT's consultans approach and experience contributed for this achievement.

What our clients say about us

GIGA IT consultants team supported us by offering different alternatives to choose the best one in terms of costs and compliance for Microsoft software licensing, so we now have tools that increase our productivity.

What our clients say about us

UNICEF Mexico was able to make the Comprehensive Analysis Dashboard for Back-to-School Monitoring available to all interested people in the framework of COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to the Azure cloud infrastructure and the support of GIGA IT staff

// FAQ

Frequently asked questions

It depends on the case: it could be as simple as “lift and shift” a physical server and moving it to a Virtual Machine in Azure

There are 3 main payment plans:

  • Pay-As-You-Go: at the end of the month an invoice will be issued just including the resources you effectively used, thus if you shutdown your virtual machines during nights and weekends that time won’t be included in the invoice.
  • Reserved 1 Year: some Azure resources (Virtual Machines, for instance) could be reserved for 1 year. This reservation could be paid upfront or monthly and you will have a discount up to 40%.
  • Reserved 3 years: similar with up to 60% discount.

Yes, we can tailor the right number of hours to complete your project or to have monthly hours of consultancy

Yes, it is… there are solutions for small and mid-sized businesses and large enterprises

Yes, it does. Dynamics 365 has native analytics based on Power BI and also you could integrate more customs analytics as needed

Microsoft have been including fiscal requirements for different countries but if there is a country or a recent fiscal change not supported by current delivered version, GIGA IT could develop the proper functionality to compliant with your country’s requirements.

There are some benefits or advantages:

  • You will pay for what you need under subscription method of contracting the service: you will never have “surplus” or idle licenses because you have the flexibility of contract the proper number of licenses.
  • You will always have the latest product’s versions.
  • Security features are included in Microsoft 365 subscriptions.
  • With GIGA IT you will have technical support in case of service problems.

Giga IT can support you by migrating from your current email service to Microsoft 365 services

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