Kilburn Live trusts GIGA IT with their
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On this occasion we were contacted by Kilburn Live. Based in Los Angeles, Kilburn Live is a global leader in the creation of memorable experiences through live entertainment events and ground-breaking, state-of-the-art attractions, with a major focus on families of parents with children.

The challenge

We were asked to complete the development of Game Hub, their guest registration platform and score boards for multimedia games and entertainment experience centers in entertainment malls. This was a project that required urgent implementation, primarily for an upcoming installation of a well-known toy brand in Canada. 

It should be noted that there were two major challenges at the outset: a tight delivery schedule, and the absence of a team with the required expertise. 

Our development

We started the work process with a kickoff meeting to analyze and determine the project needs, establish technical requirements and, at the same time, evaluate the steps to follow in the short term. With this in mind, a solution based on the design and development of an interface was created. It should also be mentioned that the project was carried out by a specialist team consisting of a Senior Architect, a Senior SW Engineer, two Junior SW Engineers, a QA Engineer, a Devops Engineer and a UX/UI Expert.

“GIGA IT delivered a functional, bug-free event system on time despite several requests for changes. They used Scrum and collaborative platforms. Their communicative approach, flexibility, and trustworthiness were notable.”

Our dedicated development team used SCRUM as a framework for product development, and was led by Mars Tanumihardja, VP of Technology of Kilburn Live, who took on the role of Product Owner. The set of technologies used included: Vue.Js, NestJS, Typescript, Bootstrap, SASS, Docker, PlayFab, Netlify and MongoDB. We also had the crucial collaboration of Semnox, a partner in charge of implementing Parafait:  their product to manage commercial transactions between users and entertainment centers. The deliverables builds were automated using GitHub Actions and Bash, and the deployment and configuration of the on-premise servers were standardized, reducing installation complexity and support.

Also noteworthy was a clear and fluid communication process between the team members, as well as between ourselves and our client, which remained constant during project execution. Thus, all exchanges that took place as we completed the project were beneficial since they allowed us to make adjustments in our process, as well as to detect errors which could be easily corrected.

Results & conclusions

Having achieved our goal, we would like to say that we are very proud of the work done and pleased to know that our collaboration with Kilburn Live will continue. Thanks to this successful project, we were engaged to develop two mobile apps and a responsive web app for iOS and Android, using Unity and augmented reality libraries for other interactive events in different parts of the United States. 

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