Downtime system for steel industries
in Mexico and Colombia


For this project, we were contacted by one of our important clients in the metallurgical industry both in Mexico and Colombia. We were requested to develop and implement a system in their industrial processes to control delays and interruptions during the production of steel pipes. This was a big challenge due to a tight schedule and the need for an effective way to optimize internal tasks.

The challenge

The existing problem was due to the fact that so far facilities lacked a tool to help record movements or operations which caused delays or interruptions, also known as production downtime. Formerly, notations were made manually, leading to inaccurate data collection which was prone to error.

Our development

Our development team formed by GIGA IT, which consisted of a process engineer, three Level 2 development specialists, and two Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming experts, started to work on providing a solution. Thanks to the installation of sensors, PLC-based control logic and data visualization on operating displays, information such as the time required to produce each component and overall production line performance began to be detected automatically.

“They’re fast and efficient, and their
team is highly qualified.”

In this respect, all the implemented solutions have had positive and highly effective results. Since then, precise information about processes has been obtained, allowing for identification of delays and interruptions, and providing as added value to the production area the opportunity of finding new ways to maximize productivity.

Results & conclusions

At GIGA IT we are very proud of our daily work in every project we undertake. Our experience in the industrial sector, as well as the trust and loyalty we have built with clients over time, has resulted in this gratifying project request for which we could provide effective solutions.

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