Work from where it works

Few things are more admirable than people’s ability to adapt in an environment that changes all the time. We saw changes in how the world moves and how we move in it, and now that order is beginning to be established, the really important things are what move us.
We are in the middle of 2021, working from where it works for everyone is something that guides us to where the world wants to take us, to people, to closeness despite the distance, to coexist, to maintain, to create.

What challenges do you find in the technology industry?

The technology market is very changeable and is advancing by leaps and bounds with strong competitiveness requiring us, as leaders, to accompany this process, training ourselves and being at the forefront of the latest trends so as not to miss out on opportunities. Our greatest challenge is the constant search for these professional talents who want to join, accompany the process of professional growth, motivate them in such a way that they choose us and feel part of this organization.

Business collaboration, key to productivity and data protection

The technical consultant and speaker Alma Álvarez told us about the simplest way to transform your business with the advantages that Microsoft 365 provides. By accessing the applications you can work from anywhere and at any time in a flexible way, facilitating productivity through intelligent services in the cloud, maintaining high security standards and optimizing both costs and collaborative work between teams.